HIST3814O Coursework Platform

This is a blog/digital journal created for use in the Carleton University course HIST3814O with Dr. Shawn Graham. Powered by Hugo and published through Netlify. The theme is a modified version of Chunky, originally created by Strict Panda.

Notable features

  • Made using Hugo, Bootstrap, and Netlify.

Directory Structure

Link to github repository. More information on what these folders and files do can be found in the Hugo documentation site.

├── archetypes          # default layout for content files
├── content             # website content
├ └── images            # images for content
├ └── post              # blog posts
├─ data                 # stores config files
├─ layouts              # site templates
├─ resources            # cache of files that speeds up site generation
├─ static               # static content for site
└── config.toml         # Hugo directives         

Additional Credits




Open sourced under the MIT license.